2018 Midwest BrewHaHa Tickets

Tickets for BrewHaHa 2018 are now available!

Tickets will be sold at the venue throughout BrewHaHa weekend, and are available online. Discount ticket prices are available for kids ages 5-12, senior citizens, and members of the military. Kids under 5 get in for free.

Purchase BrewHaHa tickets online!


Weekend Passes

3-Day Pass
Weekend 3-Day Pass ($65)

Kids/Seniors/Military Discount:
Weekend 3-Day Pass Discount ($60)

Doors Open:
7:00 AM Daily

2-Day Pass
Saturday/Sunday 2-Day Pass ($45)

Kids/Seniors/Military Discount:
Saturday/Sunday 2-Day Pass Discount ($40)

Doors Open:
7:00 AM Daily

Day Passes

Friday Day Pass ($25)
Saturday Day Pass ($25)
Sunday Day Pass ($25)

Kids/Seniors/Military Discount:
Friday Day Pass Discount ($20)
Saturday Day Pass Discount ($20)
Sunday Day Pass Discount ($20)

Doors Open:
7:00 AM Daily

Headliner Tickets

Friday Night Double-header ($15)
Saturday Night Double-header ($15)
Sunday Night Double-header ($15)

Kids/Seniors/Military Discount:
Friday Night Double-header Discount ($12)
Saturday Night Double-header Discount ($12)
Sunday Night Double-header Discount ($12)

Doors Open:
5:00 PM Friday – Brewcity Bruisers vs Killamazoo Derby Darlins (double-header)
5:00 PM Saturday – Brewcity Bruisers vs Providence Roller Derby (double-header)
5:00 PM Sunday – Brewcity Bruisers Battlestars vs Blue Ridge Roller Derby, Brewcity Bruisers Allstars vs Orangeville Rollergirls (double-header)

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