Brewcity Bruisers Travel Team

All Stars

The All Stars team is composed of the biggest and brightest stars from the 4 home teams. Putting the best of the Brewcity Bruisers on the track to compete for our league WFTDA ranking is what this team is all about! The All Stars are already lacing up their skates for another exciting season! Don’t miss it! G-O- L-D!


Made up of an exciting mixture of experienced veterans and Brewcity Bruisers rookies, the B-Team offers skaters a chance to gain experience in Interleague play, and you the opportunity to see tomorrow’s All-Stars today! With many returning skaters, this 2018 team is on the rise! Battlestars will give you scars! BAM!


Hot Kelly

Coach – Hot Kelly

The Brewcity Bruisers welcomes Hot Kelly as the new Head Coach of the Travel Team. While new to the derby world, Hot Kelly brings 3 years of college level coaching experience to BCB. She is assisted by Snack Morris, a long time derby fan. Additionally, KillaWatts, an avid lifted and former roller hockey player, has been brought on board as a strength and conditioning coach!

Snack Morris

Assistant – Snack Morris


Assistant – KillaWatts



2018 Travel Team


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