10th Annual Midwest BrewHaHa
May 31st – June 2nd, 2019
Milwaukee, WI

The Brewcity Bruisers will be hosting the 10th annual Midwest BrewHaHa from May 31st – June 2nd at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in downtown Milwaukee, WI. This tournament will entail two tracks, 22 teams, and 33 games. This WFTDA Recognized Tournament will include WFTDA sanctioned games, MRDA sanctioned games, and WFTDA regulation games. The tournament is set to run from Friday morning through Sunday evening.

Tournament Head Referee and Tournament Head Non-Skating Official

We are currently seeking applications for the positions of Tournament Head Referee (THR) and Tournament Head Non-Skating Official (THNSO). Applicants are encouraged to apply as co-THNSOs or co-THRs. These individuals will be responsible for selecting referee and NSO tournament participants from the applications received, developing officiating line-ups for all games, coordinating with the Brewcity Bruisers Officials Liaison regarding tournament logistics, and overseeing the BrewHaHa officials and games throughout the tournament. The THR and THNSO should plan on arriving in Milwaukee on Thursday, May 30th. The tournament will run through Sunday night so applicants should plan travel accordingly.

The Midwest BrewHaHa committee has secured funds to offer Tournament Head Officials a travel stipend of $100 each. Due to the size of the tournament, historically there have been around three THRs & three THNSOs. These structures have taken a number of different forms, such as three THRs or one THR and two assistant-THRs or two THNSOs and an apprentice THNSO. Taking this into consideration, the $100 stipend travel stipend is for up to six Tournament Head Officials. If there are more than six Tournament Head Officials, the allotted $600 will be split up evenly among the THOs.

The letter of interest should include the following information:

  • Derby Name
  • Legal Name
  • Home league (if applicable)

Applicants also need to include a link to their game history document in their email to BrewHaHa@brewcitybruisers.com.

The deadline for application is 2/15/19.

Officiating Crew

You have provided feedback on past Midwest BrewHaHa tournaments and we have listened! We are excited to announce that we will be providing travel stipends this year! Officials who participate all 3 days of BrewHaHa will receive a stipend of $40. Officials who participate in 2 days of BrewHaHa will received a stipend of $20. You have the ability to apply for your games to be scheduled on Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, or of course the ability to participate all 3 days. To accommodate this, we will be shifting the Official’s meeting to an email format. There will not be an in-person meeting, allowing you to adjust your travel times as needed. 

This year’s tournament will consist of 22 teams with 33 games on two tracks. Games will start at 9:00AM daily with the last game of the day starting at 7:00PM. 

Please submit applications by 3/15/19.

Thank you for your interest in officiating the 2019 Midwest BrewHaHa. Completing this application does not imply that you have been accepted. If you have any questions, email brewhaha@brewcitybruisers.com.