Shevil Knevils


The Shevil Knevils started as a group of rag-tag misfits ready to unravel their opponents talents. Never being the types to turn down a dare, the Shevils laced up their skates, and gave it everything they had. “Shevil Knevils NEVER SAY DIE.”Although the team has yet to take home the championship trophy, the team has always known how to draw a crowd and the title of “America’s Sweethearts” has been hard earned. Now in their 8th season, this star-spangled gang have made a name for themselves with dynamic play and hard hits. Adding a strong set of jammer talent by drafting both vets and rookies this season will add another layer of grit to the strong 14 veteran team. Be sure you’re cheering for the good guys when they beat the odds because victory will never have tasted so sweet!

2015 Shevil Knevils Roster

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