Rushin’ Rollettes

Team Photo by Jim Dier and Scott Winklebleck | Headshots by Kelly Aunkst and Lew Danger

People of Milwaukee protested but had no choice but to allow the Rushin’ Rollettes to infiltrate their hearts and minds. From Moscow to the derby track, the Brewcity Bruisers have always had to wreckin’ with this crew on quads.

Last season in the home opener, the red alliance was the only team to defeat the current BCB championship team. Each jammer, footwork quick like an M-60, geared up and ready to utilize their newly learned tactics, may be mistaken for a keen marksmen. With training from the KGB, Double R blockers will ensure a smooth and satisfying victory.

Current operations: 15 veteran commanders as well as 5 new privates!  Welcome Privates: Jackpot, Frankie Fatale, Maven, Sk8ty Perry, and VerucAssault to the camouflage militia whom bring valor and vividness.  The Generals: Carabunga and Strykher.

2017 Rushin' Rollettes Roster

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