Maiden Milwaukee


In true Milwaukee spirit, the skaters of Maiden Milwaukee work hard at their day jobs and even harder when they come together to play. The result is a fast and smart game, banking on maneuverability, team work, and endurance to wear down their opponents. The Maidens suffered a blow to their line up during the off season with the retirement of nearly half of their team. However, the remaining veteran skaters have taken it upon themselves to keep the Maiden tradition alive and groom a whole new set of newbies for working-class-style ass kicking, lead by their new captains Abra Cadaver and Karma Suture. They hope to repeat the same impressive showings of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, with the Championship title as their ultimate goal.

The ladies in pink welcome six of the most impressive newbie picks from this year’s draft: Amelia Terrotheart, Envy Hurts, Germs, Lil Herc, Madame Furie, and Sonic Ruth. They will also be welcoming back Pinky the Glitterator, and adding former Shevils Bashforth and Violet Femme to their ranks.

2015 Maiden Milwaukee Roster

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