Windigo 1491


Maiden Milwaukee

Year Joined: 2016

Positions: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker

1 year

Athletic Background
I started training with Bay Area Derby in San Francisco, CA way, way back in 2006. I skated with a home team for 4 years, and the B-team and A-team for a year. We won a bronze at Regionals in 2010 and a trip to WFTDA Championships that year.

I moved to Houston where I coached a home team and captained the All-Stars for two years. I took a one-year hiatus and skated with the Rec League for a year.

And now, I’m with BCB. I love this sport!

League Awards
2010 – Most Improved Skater (Bay Area Derby)
2011 – Home Team MVP (Houston)
2011 – Home Team Best Blocker (Houston)
2016 – Maiden Milwaukee Dream Team (Brewcity Bruisers)

Worst Derby Injury
I’ve had a meniscal tear, a severely dislocated thumb, hematomas, a bunionectomy, severe ankle sprains, and bursitis. You’re only as old as you feel. I’ve healed and feel awesome.

Proudest Derby Moment
My proudest derby moment was getting a rostered spot on Team Canada in the first ever Roller Derby World Cup in 2011 and coming home with a “silver” medal. The entire weekend was epic. It was such a privilege getting to work with some of the most humble, hardest working, selfless group of superstar athletes I’ve ever met.