Trash Gordon 211

Trash Gordon

Crazy 8's

Year Joined: 2016

Positions: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker

Athletic Background
I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and have the brick I broke in half with my bare hands to prove it! I have also played on an adult women’s softball team and have practiced yoga for about 8 years. I’m a recreational sporting junkie – biking, kayaking, cross country skiing – you name it. I discovered roller derby in July 2015 when I joined the BrewCity Bootleggers, the Bruisers’ recreation and training league. I’ve been hooked ever since!

League Awards

Worst Derby Injury
As a Bootlegger, I took a hit so hard from one of my trainers I thought I broke my ribs. I didn’t, but probably sprained or tore something around that area. Shortly after the draft, I discovered I had a stress fracture near my tailbone and a bunch of junk in my hip. It’s a risk we all take when we play this sport, and I hope to leave all of my “worst injuries” in 2016!

Proudest Derby Moment
October 22, 2016 – getting drafted to the Crazy 8’s!