Thunderpants! 16


Year Joined: 2008-2015, 2016

Positions: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker

1 year

Get ready to rumble, get ready to dance, her friends call her- TPants!

Athletic Background
Soccer was my main sport growing up. However, throughout the years I have also played basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, track and field, rugby, and am a state bowling champ.

I started playing Derby, however, about eight years ago. I really believe Roller Derby has been the most challenging, most rewarding, and most character building sport I’ve ever been associated with. I recommend it to anyone. Whether they’ve played a sport or not.

League Awards
I don’t recall what years I received each award, but I am very honored for every one!

Maiden awards:
Most anticipated back to skates

Battlestar Bout award:

BCB award:
Fan Favorite 2012

Worst Derby Injury
Any major injuries over the course of my derby career have surprisingly not been because of playing the sport. I herniated discs in my back going down a water slide, and broke my sternum on another random occasion. Mostly just bumps and bruises for me! *knock on wood*

Proudest Derby Moment
Getting chosen to be a Maiden has definitely been my proudest moment. I was not able to skate my first season due to pregnancy with my first child, but they had faith in me and chose me regardless. I willl forever be thankful for that. Seeing my friends and family cheer me on while I’m on the track is also just as important. That loving support is what really keeps me going.