Sonic Ruth 340

Sonic Ruth

Maiden Milwaukee

Year Joined: 2015

Positions: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker

1 year

Watch out, daydream nation – this sister plays dirty!

Athletic Background
Jazz, high kick/precision, tap, ballet, lyrical, and dancing on the graves of my enemies.

I also play on a skeeball team in winter.

League Awards

Worst Derby Injury
Four weeks after starting in the Bootleggers rec league program, I fractured my wrist at practice. I upgraded my wrist guards after that!

Proudest Derby Moment
I was in the stands screaming my head off when the RCR Wheels of Justice won the 2015 WFTDA Championships. It was an incredible moment to share with thousands of other skaters and fans, and I am so lucky to have been present for it!

On a personal level, my proudest moment so far is the day that I gathered up my courage, strapped on my starter skates and went to my first boot camp with BCB. I was so nervous that my legs shook a little when I walked in, but when I walked out I was smiling from ear to ear – I had already fallen in love with this amazing sport!