Shirley Temper 812

Shirley Temper

Shevil Knevils

Year Joined: 2015

Positions: Jammer, Pivot, Blocker

Athletic Background
As a kid I played volleyball, softball, and was on the bowling team. And let’s not forget skating at the rink or in the basement on the weekends. Bar league softball and bowling followed me into adulthood. Oh, and I definitely did a lot of jumping around at college basketball games too.

League Awards

Worst Derby Injury
There was an awesome bruised tailbone at one point. My husband lovingly took me to see the Hobbit that week. Longest two and a half hours of my life.

Proudest Derby Moment
Game 5 of last season- knowing how hard we worked as a team all year. And to bring home the win for the final bout was the icing on the cake.