Roll-ie Fingers 82

Roll-ie Fingers

Shevil Knevils

Year Joined: 2015

Positions: Pivot, Blocker

Three strikes, you’re out!

Athletic Background
I’ve played sports my whole life. If it involves hand-eye coordination and competition, I’m in! In H.S. I played volleyball, tennis, softball, and basketball (bowling and pitching camps on the weekends). In college I played tennis and I was captain of the mascot squad (Go Pointers!) Derby has given me a much needed outlet for my competitive spirit….and I get to hit people legally now!

League Awards

Worst Derby Injury
That’s an easy one! During my last scrimmage as a Bootlegger, I lunged out of the pack to hit the jammer that just broke out and my left skate got caught up. I fell straight down with my left leg pulled behind. I broke my tibial plateau and suffered a grade 3 tear to my MCL. The orthopedic surgeon said he has never seen that injury on an adult before… go big or go home!

Proudest Derby Moment
My proudest derby moment is getting to officially say I am a Shevil Knevil and a member of Brewcity Bruisers! Being injured during the draft process was a rocky road, so it feels amazing to have made it to the finish line.