Hazel Raw 8380


Year Joined: 2016

Positions: Blocker

1 year

Jesus, take the wheel!

Athletic Background
I started with the Bay Area Derby Girls in 2009, skating 6 seasons with the Oakland Outlaws, 1 season with the All Stars in 2012 and 1 season with Team Gold (their B-team) in 2015.

I played soccer for 6 years, threw the shotput and discus in highschool for 3 years and rode horses for 10. Moons later, I found roller derby and I haven’t looked back since.

League Awards
Rookie of the Year 2010
Best Defensive Blocker 2013
MVP for the Oakland Outlaws 2014

Worst Derby Injury
PCL tear in my left knee and a hematoma on my butt that traveled down my leg and up my back. I couldn’t walk or sit properly for 2 weeks.

Proudest Derby Moment
Being undefeated and winning league Championships in 2013. The Outlaws worked so hard for many seasons to beat out the best and we finally did. It took a lot of dedication, commitment, love and trust for eachother on and off the track. I’ll never forget that game for as long as I live. I look forward to creating the same with my Shevil Knevils 🙂