Fatal Distraction 1013

Fatal Distraction

Shevil Knevils

Year Joined: 2016

Positions: Blocker

Athletic Background
I never had much of an athletic interest growing up, I was definitely more of the artsy drama type, but I remember going to the skating rink with my mom as a kid and going every weekend in junior high. I participated in marching band during my early years of high school, and was on the colorguard team.

League Awards

Worst Derby Injury
All things considered, I haven’t had anything too major happen. Just one concussion and a broken ankle so far. C’est La Vie!

Proudest Derby Moment
Definitely getting drafted to my favorite team in the league. Not going to lie though, I do get a pretty big smile on my face when I hit someone and get an audible ” OOF! ” out of them.