Bexit Wound 48


Year Joined: 2010-2015, 2016

Positions: Blocker

4 years

Athletic Background
I played basketball, softball, and volleyball as a kid, but quit sports in high school and played several instruments in band instead. As an adult I completed a sprint triathlon, half marathon, and several 5Ks and mud runs, and am into biking, hiking, and paddle boarding.

League Awards
Perfect Attendance – 2010

Worst Derby Injury
Thankfully nothing serious that couldn’t be healed with ice and ibuprofen. Lots of bruises and sprains.

Proudest Derby Moment
Definitely getting drafted as a 2010 Fresh Brew was my proudest derby moment. I went from barely being able to stay upright on skates to being drafted to the Crazy Eights! Other great moments were any time I got to share the track with my husband, now retired from the Wisconsin Men’s Roller Derby league.