BCB Seeks Interleague Head Coach


WANTED: Interleague Coach


All interested parties should contact interleague.relations@brewcitybruisers.com by 9/30/17. Please include a resume with your coaching qualifications.


Interleague Head Coach

Position Summary:
The Head Coach of the Brewcity Bruisers’ travel team will be working closely with their appointed management team to enhance the teams skills with the goal of improving current WFTDA rankings.

Some of the Essential Responsibilities Include:

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses in skater performance and identify areas for further development
  • Work with the Management Team to organize and adjust practice plans.
  • Execute safe, effective practices that build team morale, skills and endurance
  • Encourage skaters to gain and develop skills, knowledge and technique
  • Provide strategic and “motivational leadership” during practices, team meetings and games
  • Develop team strategy
  • Represent BCB in a professional manner
  • Evaluate own and opposing team capabilities to determine game strategy
  • Gather information on drills, strategies and direction for competitive interleague play
  • Select skaters for each charter
  • Create game day rosters and lineups
  • Travel with the team for away games
  • Required to pass the WFTDA written rules test within one month of being elected.

Desired Skills:

  • Teamwork and team building or management
  • Understanding nutrition, anatomy and physiology
  • Organization and administration
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Mentoring and morivating
  • Planning and project management
  • Being assertive and professional
  • Stress management


  • Effective leadership, communication, and coaching experience are preferred
  • Familiarity with flat track roller derby, the WFTDA rules and roller skating dynamics are a plus

Please contact interleague.relations@brewcitybruisers.com for more information.

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