Team Give delivers 357 lbs of cat litter to Second Hand Purrs


Brewcity Bruisers Community Service/Team Give teamed up with Second Hand Purrs earlier this month.

Our March 18 bout charity partner was Second Hand Purrs, a small, no-kill cat rescue, run exclusively by volunteers and operating solely by donations. Anita d’Groin, representing Brewcity Bruisers Community Service/Team Give worked with Second Hand Purrs to solicit donations of kitty food, toys and litter at the bout earlier this month.

Anita d'Groin delivers cat litter

Anita d’Groin delivers 357 pounds of the Worlds Best Cat Litter to Secondhand Purrs. Thank you Brian Hyps for the generous donation!

Secondhand Purrs' mascot, King supervised.

Secondhand Purrs’ mascot, King supervised.


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