The Championship and 3rd Place bouts were as exciting as ever! Here's the recap of the bouts and the MVPs for each of the bouts!

Brewcity Bruisers Season Nine is nearing its end.  The incredible journey concludes with our championship bouts. In our first bout of the evening, the Crazy Eights and Shevil Knevils face off for Third Place. Then, in the nightcap, Maiden Milwaukee seeks their first ever BCB Championship taking on the Rushin’ Rollettes. The stakes could not be any higher as months (and years) of hard work all come down to this.

Third Place Bout: Crazy Eights 291 – Shevil Knevils 118

The Crazy Eights entered the night in very unfamiliar territory as they have won the last 4 BCB Championships. They have not been in the Third Place Bout in a long time.  For the Shevils, this night is all about redemption. Having scored a league-record for lowest points (21) last month, they are looking for a much better performance and to end the season on a high note.


The first ten minutes of the bout saw both teams utilizing a wide array of jammers. The Eights used five in the first nine jams while the Shevils used six, as both teams tested the waters to see what was going to work best. The Eights jumped out to a quick 28-10 lead, but a forearm penalty by EmFatale in Jam Nine allowed the Shevils to close the gap a little. A track cut penalty by Schoolhouse Rock in Jam 11 allowed Luna Trick (with a Star Pass assistance from Grace Killy) and the Shevils to take a 39-36 lead at the halfway point of the first half.

Then, the Eights went on a nice little run, winning lead jammer status in four of the next five jams. The Eights opened up a 70-43 lead heading into Jam 17. In a rarity for roller derby, the two teams then had a single jam with a 15-15 score. Zotay lined up with Merkill on the jammer line and quickly took lead jammer status. Then, on one of her scoring passes, Zotay attempted an apex jump only to make contact with a Shevils blocker prior to the landing.  Zotay was awarded a penalty, allowing Merkill to score 15 points as well. Jams like that are a reminder that anything can happen in derby. After this jam, the Eights regrouped and controlled the rest of the half, winning lead status in five of the last six jams. The Eights took a 105-62 lead into the break.


In the second half, the Eights controlled the track from the opening whistle and never wavered.  Offensively, the Eights took lead jammer status 13 out of 22 times.  Defensively, they forced a total of eight jammer penalties, included two jams in which they forced the Shevils jammer into two penalties during the same jam.  After a dominating 30 minutes of action, the Crazy Eights were able to celebrate their Third Place victory with a 291-118 win.

The end of a season is always bittersweet as both of these teams will be losing key members and will look to regroup over the next few months as they prepare to make a run back to the Championship bout next season.


MVP Jammer: Sharkira – Coming out of halftime with just a 43-point lead, Sharkira took lead in the first jam of the second half and had a 29-point jam.  Just like that, it was a 72-point lead and a steep uphill climb for the Shevils. Add to that the 66-8 scoring margin and Sharkira was the clear MVP Jammer for the bout.

MVP Blocker: EmFatale – This was probably the hardest MVP of the season to determine due to standout performances by EmFatale and Latina Heat. The first half saw EmFatale lead a defensive unit that only gave up one lead jam status over the last 16 minutes. But, in the second half, Latina Heat demonstrated great offensive and defensive blocking to secure the blow-out win.  In fact, Latina Heat forced two jammer penalties during a single second half jam. With EmFatale skating in her last bout, she won the toss-up for MVP Blocker.

Championship Bout: Rushin’ Rollettes 121 – Maiden Milwaukee 115

After months of intense training, Season Nine comes down to this. Maiden Milwaukee is in the Championship Bout for the third year in a row, but the squad is still looking for its first championship. The Rushin’ Rollettes only won one bout so far this season, but their semi-final upset of the Crazy Eights kept their dreams of a championship alive. The only thing standing between these teams and Season Nine glory is a lot of bright tape and 60 minutes of hard-hitting action.

As to be expected with a Championship Bout, the action was very close from the first whistle.  The first six jams featured back-and-forth action and saw the Rollettes open up a 14-5 lead before things got interesting in Jams Seven and Eight. Jam Sevem saw Rollettes’ jammer Steamy Wonder get a forearm penalty and put Stormin’ DaCastle in a power jam situation for the Maidens. But, in a sign of things to come, the stout defense of the Rollettes only allowed five points and did not surrender their lead.  Then, in the next jam, an illegal star pass penalty between Jackpot and Irish Vixen allowed Super Hera and the Maidens to take their first lead of the bout at 28-14. The Maidens used the penalty carry-overs to open it all the way up to 37-14 after Jam 10.


After those mistakes, the Rollettes played near-perfect roller derby and took lead jammer status in eight of the next 11 jams. The Maidens’ lead was now down to 42-41 with just six minutes remaining in the first half. But then, in Jam 22, a back block penalty by Maidens’ jammer Super Hera allowed Skully Wheeler and the Rollettes to take their first lead in over 20 minutes at 53-45 with about four minutes left in the half.  After swapping lead jam status over the final three jams of the half, the teams head to the break with the Rollettes holding tightly to a 57-52 lead. It was a very intense first half with some of the most well-played derby in BCB history. The second half was sure to have the huge crowd at UWM-Panther Arena on the edge of their seats.

30 minutes to go, and the Maidens came out of the break on-fire. After giving up two points and lead status in the first jam of the half, the Maidens won lead jammer status in the next seven jams to take back the lead and open it up to 77-63 with 21 minutes left in the bout.  Frau Kapow came back and took lead jammer for the Rollettes to stop the bleeding in Jam 10, but Frank Hurt’r came right back in Jam 11 with an 18-3 jam to open up the largest lead of the bout at 95-70. With their backs up against the wall and the bout getting close to the deciding point, the Rollettes’ defense took over.  From the 18 minute mark to the 8 minute mark, the Rollettes only allowed the Maidens to score three points while slowly working their way back into the bout. Then, in Jam 16, Frau Kapow took advantage of the Maidens jammer starting the jam in the penalty box to run off a 14-0 jam and close the gap down to 98-96 for the Maidens.

The Maidens were able to get five points in Jam 17, but the Rollettes came right back with seven points in Jam 18. And just like that, WE ARE TIED AT 103-103!!!  Only 4:30 remains in Season Nine and the championship is on the line. Jam 19 saw Frau Kapow line up against Frank Hurt’r and what ensued was pure chaos. Both jammers were given penalties during the jam and the end result was a 10-2 jam that went the entire two minutes in favor of the Rollettes.  The Maidens took a timeout and stopped the clock with 2:26 remaining and their team down 113-105. Jam 20 saw Mellon Collie (in just her third time taking the jammer panty in the bout) take lead jam status and skate away to a 4-0 jam with a 117-105 lead.  Jam 21 was cut short due to an injury before either team could do anything. With 41 seconds left and the Rollettes leading 117-105, Super Hera lined up against Frau Kapow.


Super Hera needed to get lead jammer status quickly for the Maidens to have a chance, and that is exactly what she did.  It all was going to come down to whether or not the Rollettes’ defense could keep Super Hera from scoring enough points for the win and if Frau Kapow could escape the pack and get enough to keep the lead safe. Super Hera was able to make her first pass rather quickly, but, in the process of doing so, Frau Kapow was able to escape the pack and get on a scoring pass of her own. Super Hera was able to get through one more time, and Frau Kapow was able to get four points of her own before the final whistle blew after two very intense minutes. After a quick official review to make sure the score was correct, it was all over. After not winning a regular season bout, the Season Nine BCB Champions are the Rushin’ Rollettes with a 121-115 win.


MVP Jammer: Frau Kapow – Frau was able to take lead jammer status in nine of the 14 times she wore the star. Her last jam was the most important of the bout. Up 12 points, it was vital for Frau to score enough points to keep Super Hera from stealing the lead and the championship. Despite not getting lead jammer, Frau picked up four important points while skating cleanly and securing the championship for the Rollettes.

MVP Blocker: Reina Pain – The stats at the end of the bout may not reflect it, but the performance of Reina (and all the Rollettes’ blockers) will go down as one of the greatest defensive performances in BCB history. Serving as a central blocker in her pack, Reina delivered punishing hit after punishing hit all bout. Going up against BCB All Star jammers all night, it was Reina who came out ahead and was a huge reason the Rollettes secured the championship.

And there it is, Season Nine is officially in the books. It was a wild ride, and Season 10 will be here before you know it. Make sure to check out all things Brewcity Bruisers throughout the summer and fall and get ready for the fastest, hardest-hitting action on skates to return next winter. Until then, the skaters, coaches, officials, and volunteers will be looking to improve their game. The final question is for you – what will you do to cheer louder than ever before?

Chad “C-Rob” Robinson


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