After an exciting couple of bouts during January’s double header season opener, what would February’s double header bring? We started the action off with two teams looking to avenge early season losses as Maiden Milwaukee and the Rushin’ Rollettes both looked for their first win of the season. The second bout of the evening featured not only a battle between the two henceforth-undefeated teams this season (Crazy Eights and Shevil Knevils), but also the final time Brewcity original Servin’ Justice would be lacing up her skates – and that’s not all! We also had Crazy Eight jammer Zo-Tay looking to make Brewcity history by becoming the first to score 1,000 points in her home season skating career!

Bout #1: Maiden Milwaukee 149 – Rushin’ Rollettes 138

From the get-go in our opening bout of the night, it looked like the Rollettes would end their regular season losing streak and notch their first win of the year. Led by a very solid jammer rotation of Mellon Collie, Steamy Wonder, and Frau Kapow, as well as the team utilizing their back row blocking position off the jammer line, we saw the Rollettes jump out to a quick 34-2 lead after just 5 jams. This caused the Maidens to take a very early (yet needed) timeout. The Maidens were able to slow the bleeding for a little bit, but a 3rd jammer penalty in just the 8th Jam saw the Rollettes’ lead explode to 55-13 just 10 minutes into the bout.

Mel jam

Back-to-back jammer penalties by Irish Vixen and Steamy Wonder in the 11th and 12th Jams kept the Maidens in the bout, and they were able to close the lead to 59-39. That could have been the momentum the Maidens needed to get back into the bout, but just two jams later, an amazing play by T-LO forced a jammer penalty on Karma Suture and the Rollettes opened things back up to 69-39 with just over 10 minutes left in the half. The rest of the half saw the two teams continue to trade body blows. Neither could make a big move on the scoreboard until the last jam of the first period, when the Maidens were able to make 2 scoring passes and close the score to 91-72 heading into halftime. In fact, the most exciting moment of this part of the bout saw Shevilrine giving the full moon to the crowd (…now, I won’t go into the details of the incident, but let’s just say there is a conspiracy theory going around, and I’ll leave it at that).

After a quick break and bench change, we would see quickly whether the Maidens could mount a comeback or if this would be a night for the Rollettes. Both teams started out playing very good, clean derby, and Frau Kapow was able to extend her lead jammer status to 9 straight in the 4th jam of the second half as the Rollettes opened up a 102-74 lead with just 24 minutes left to go. Getting lead jammer and playing solid defense was surely going to be enough to hang on down the stretch, but the Maidens had other ideas. After jamming during the first half, Frank Hurt’r switched over to blocking duty while Brewcity newbie LuBird helped by taking the star; along with the Super-Storm duo (Super Hera and Stormin’ DaCastle), the Maidens were able to take lead jammer status in 8 of 9 jams. That resulted in our first lead change of the bout, and the Maidens were now up 109-102 with just 14 minutes left.

Jam #16 will be remembered as one of both the most exciting and frustrating jams for both teams, and really could have been the ultimate turning point in the bout. Stormin’ DaCastle was able to take lead jam over Frau Kapow and speed off to 14 points as Frau was trapped in the pack by Frank Hurt’r and company for 1:50 of the 2 minutes. But, as the jam was coming to an end, and with the Maidens now up 123-106, Stormin’ was called for a track cutting penalty and would have to start the next jam in the penalty box. Mellon Collie took full advantage of Stormin’s penalty in Jam #17 and closed the Maidens lead to just 4 points. Steamy Wonder finished off the comeback and gave the Rollettes a 124-123 lead with 8 minutes remaining. Rollettes rookie Jackpot scored 10 points in the next jam, and with 6 minutes left, the Rollettes now had a 134-123 lead.

Frau MMs

With the lead, the Rollettes turned to their super-hot jammer, Frau Kapow, to try and seal the deal; the Maidens countered with Super Hera jamming and Frank Hurt’r blocking. The end result was another lead change, as Frau was never able to complete her initial pass and Super Hera raced off to a 18-0 jam and brought the Maidens to a 141-134 lead. The teams exchanged a few points over the last 3 minutes, and ultimately, Maiden Milwaukee held on to win this extremely entertaining bout 149-138. With this result, the Rollettes are now 0-2 (again) with the task of taking on the Crazy 8’s next week, while the Maidens improve to 1-1.

MM win pic

MVP Jammer: Stormin’ DaCastle – My initial choice for MVP Jammer was the pair of hot pink pants that Stormin’ and Super Hera were sporting this week, but I was afraid writing too much about them would give me flashbacks and I’d go blind from the sheer brightness of them (they honestly were the brightest things I’ve ever seen). The Maidens’ jamming rotation was led by both Stormin’ and Hera, and at the end the second half, stats were just a little better for Stormin’, so she was the bout MVP Jammer. Her second half stats were 6 for 10 lead jams and a 38-24 score differential.

Stormin RRs

MVP Blocker: Frank Hurt’r – Twice in the second half with the Maidens behind, Frank and her blocker pack held the Rollettes’ jammer from ever completing their initial pass. In both of those jams, the Maidens were able to take the lead, with the second time being the final lead change of the bout in Jam 20.

Frank block

Bout #2: Crazy Eights 202 – Shevil Knevils 124

Coming in, the Eights were riding a Brewcity record 10-bout winning streak – and with the pending retirement of Eights original, Servin’ Justice, you would expect them to come out fast and aggressive. The Shevils had other ideas, though. Lining up Shevils jammer Scooter for the first jam, the Shevils were able to force a track cut from Eights jammer Latina Heat and open up a quick 13-0 lead. Jam #2 saw a major piece of Brewcity history as Eights jammer Zo-Tay scored 6 points and became the first jammer to collect 1,000 career points for her home season jamming career. For the first 15 minutes, we saw some very even play as neither team could really open up a lead; throughout the first 13 jams, we had 4 lead changes, and with about 10 minutes left in the half the Shevils maintained a 58-55 lead. Then the wheels fell off (figuratively, of course).

Scooter 8s

Over the last 6 jams of the first half, there was a total of 7 jammer penalties (4 for the Shevils and 3 for the Eights), and the bout was truly decided in these 6 jams as the Eights were able to manage the penalties much better than the Shevils and went on one of their trademark runs. They were able to outscore the Shevils 67-18 and open up a 122-76 lead heading into halftime.

The second half started much like the first, with the Shevils coming out with more energy and looking like they were poised to make a comeback against the Eights. Leading with a 14-0 jam by Skittle, the Shevils were able to close the gap to 129-94 after the 4th jam of the second half. Unfortunately for the Shevils, the comeback would soon be over and out of reach. Over the next 3 jams, the Eights forced Shevil jammers Thrash Mama and Scooter into 4 penalties – just like that, it was 169-96 Eights with 20 minutes remaining. At this point, the Eights defense stepped it up and only allowed 18 points for their opponents over the next 12 jams. The bout at this point was all but decided, as with about 4 minutes left, the Eights led 195-114, but the excitement was far from over.

justice jams

In Jam #20, Servin’ Justice took the star for the Eights, and was able to get lead jammer as the crowd rose to their feet. It was a magical moment…one of those things that years from now, everyone will still be talking about. As the clock continued to tick down, the outcome was never in doubt, and the Eights finished off the Shevils 202-124 and extended their winning streak to 11.

8s win

MVP Jammer: Zo-Tay – I believe that Zo-Tay will be the first to admit she left some points on the table, but with her 6th point this bout she became the first Brewcity Bruiser to score 1,000 career points in home season bouts. She was only lead jammer 5 times, but she outscored her opponents’ jammers 78-15. That meant in Zo-Tay’s 9 jams, the Eights outscored the Shevils by 63; in the other 32 jams, the Eights only had a 15 point edge.

Zo-Tay shevils

MVP Blocker: Servin’ Justice – As usual, there were a number of Crazy Eights blockers that could have been MVP Blocker, but this night was all about Servin’ Justice. Since the very beginning of the Brewcity Bruisers, she has been one of the biggest hitters in the league, and tonight would be no different. There were countless times in which she did not just block the jammer, or simply knock them out of bounds: she sent them flying. There are few skaters that can block and hit as well as Justice, and tonight was a very fitting end to an amazing on track derby career.

Justice Flowers

The third bout of the Brewcity Bruisers season is just a few short weeks away! I encourage everyone to come out on Friday, March 13th @ 7pm for the final game of the regular season as the Rushin Rollettes taken on the undefeated Crazy Eights and their 11-bout win streak and #1 seed on the line. The second bout of this double header features the battle of two 1-1 teams as Maiden Milwaukee takes on the Shevil Knevils.

Chad “C-Rob” Robinson

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