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Have you ever wondered how many points each jammer scores? Who has the most penalties? And how to track those epic jammer take-downs? Welcome to the stats blog!

The names are fun, the uniforms are crazy, but Roller Derby is ALL sport! In our opening installment we are going to take a look at the 4 Brewcity Bruisers home teams – by the numbers. In the stats below, a Jammer Takedown is defined as knocking a Jammer down off her skates with a legal block. A 1/4 lap stop is actively, positionally blocking a Jammer, keeping her behind you for 1/4 of the way around the track.
* denotes League Leader

Crazy Eights
The Eights are beginning the season with 16 returning vets and 4 rookies with an average of 3.05 years of BCB experience. The ninjas had 2013’s most productive offense scoring 879 total points. They are the reigning Brewcity Bruisers League Champions after winning their 3rd consecutive title last year and finishing with a record of 4-1.

2013 Team Stats Leaders:
Points – EmFatale: 234*
Lead Jammer % – Zo-Tay: 54.3%
Jammer Takedowns – Servin’ Justice: 16*
1/4 Lap Stops – Servin’ Justice: 19
Penalties – Zo-Tay: 13*

Maiden Milwaukee
The Maidens kick off 2014 with 14 returning vets, 4 rookies, 1 re-draft from another home team and 1 transfer skater with an average of 2.65 years of BCB experience. Falling one jam short of their first BCB Championship in their second appearance in the title bout the Maidens finished with a record of 2-3 in 2013.

2013 Team Stats Leaders:
Points – Frank Hurt’r: 161
Lead Jammer % – Frank Hurt’r: 80.0%*
Jammer Takedowns – Feisty Pfister: 14
1/4 Lap Stops – Frank Hurt’r: 12
Penalties – Beelzebelle / ChaZaam / Rejected Seoul / Slayerah: 9

Rushin’ Rollettes
The Rollettes start this season with 14 vets, 5 rookies and 1 transfer skater with an average of 2.15 years of BCB experience. With 3 previous BCB Championships under their belts, the Rollettes missed the Championship game in 2013, finishing with a record of 2-3.

2013 Team Stats Leaders:
Points – ChewBeca The Wrecka: 172
Lead Jammer % – Carrie A. Hacksaw: 75.0%
Jammer Takedowns – Carabunga: 7
1/4 Lap Stops – Carabunga: 21*
Penalties – ChewBeca The Wrecka: 12

Shevil Knevils
The Shevils have 15 returning vets, 3 rookies, 1 re-draft from another home team and 1 transfer skater with an average of 2.80 years of BCB experience. The ladies in red, white and blue are still seeking their first BCB title after 2 previous appearances in the Championship game. With a record of 2-3 they finished with the Bruisers stingiest defense giving up only 610 points.

2013 Team Stats Leaders:
Points – Skittle: 158
Lead Jammer % – Bloody Cupcake: 54.2%
Jammer Takedowns – Terror Lapinski: 15
1/4 Lap Stops – Grace Killy / Milwaukee’s Breast: 15
Penalties – Shevilrine: 11

The Stats Six-Pack
Every month we’ll highlight 6 season and career milestones that have been surpassed at the last bout. These took place at the 2013 Championship bout.
1. Servin’ Justice was the first BCB skater to get 100 career Jammer Takedowns.
2. ChewBeca The Wrecka broke the Rookie points record in a season with 172 points.
3. Rejected Seoul extended her all time career points lead total to 687.
4. The Crazy Eights had a record breaking 3 skaters score more than 200 points in the 2013 season.
5. High D. Voltage scored her 500th career point, the Rollettes all-time leader and Skittle scored her 400th career point, the Shevils all-time leader.
6. After 7 seasons, only Grace Killy and Servin’ Justice have played in all 37 Brewcity Bruisers home league bouts.

– A recap of the bouts of 2014 from a stats perspective!
– An in-depth look at some of the stats we track and the Brewcity Bruisers all-time league leaders in each category!
– Details on the contest to name this stats blog!


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