January Bout Recap!


We are super excited to have our new All-Star Coach, Coach Chad, keeping US in line and YOU updated with bout recaps this season!

Welcome everyone to the start of what is expected to be the most exciting and intense season ever of Brewcity Bruisers action.  Coach Chad here, providing you with all the bout recaps for the 2014 season, and I can assure you if you missed the action on January 17th, you better get your butt down to The U.S. Cellular Arena because you won’t want to miss the upcoming bouts on February 21st.

The Cell was rocking Friday night as many fearless and loyal fans braved the cold temps and iffy roads to come and cheer on their favorite teams. The opening night action saw a throwback to the Cold War as the secret operatives of the Rushin’ Rollettes took on the stars-and-stripes-rocking Shevil Knevils in Bout 1. Next up, the hard-working ladies in pink, Maiden Milwaukee, had the task of taking on the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOORRRRRRLLLLLDDDDDD (Bruce Buffer eat your heart out) Crazy Eights in Bout 2.  And if just the thought of those two bouts wasn’t enough to get the fans into a frenzy, this season now features 30 minute halves.  That’s right folks, MORE DERBY!!!!!

Bout 1:  Shevil Knevils 188 – Rushin’ Rollettes 177

SKRRThe evening started fast and furious as the Shevil’s and Rollettes went back and forth for the first 10 minutes with nine quick jams that saw the score tied at 16.  Then it all changed in Jam 10 as Rollettes blockers Carabunga, Mellon Collie and Whitness Protection created a wall that would have made Stalin (too soon? the man has only been dead for 61 years) proud and allowed NBD to have a 15-0 jam.  The rest of the first half looked like it was going to belong to the Rollettes as penalties began taking its toll on both teams, but just before halftime double Jammer Penalties on NBD allowed the Shevils to erase a 31 point deficit and take a 1 point lead into the half at 80-79.

After a quick break, the action picked up in the 2nd half right where the first half ended. The teams spent the first half of the period going back and forth with quick jams until another Jammer Penalty by the Rollettes changed the course of the bout and got the crowd fully involved.  It began with the Rollettes’ T-Lo and Carabunga stonewalling Shevil’s Jammer Gynomite, but on the very next jam new Shevil Scooter took the Jammer Star and decimated the Rollettes blockers, opening up a 129-111 lead with just over 10 minutes left.  A few jams later a Star Pass for the Shevils allowed the Rollettes to briefly take the lead back with just over 3 minutes left in the bout, however that was quickly erased as a Jammer Penalty by Rollettes’ Steamy Wonder allowed a combination of Shevil Jammers (Skittle, Grace Killy, and Scooter) to take a 184-158 lead with time for one more jam.

Normally a 26 point lead with 1 jam left is enough to call it a day, but anyone who left early to refill their beer missed the jam of the night.  Rollettes Captain, Carrie A. Hacksaw, secured Lead Jammer and went on a mission to erase the pointspread.  While circling the track with ease and racking up points the Shevils went for a star pass between Bloody Cupcake and Grace Killy only to have Rollettes blockers get in the way and cause the Star to be dropped.  After some confusion Killy was able to finally get the Star successfully placed on her helmet and start working to get points.  With Hacksaw racking them up it looked like it was going to be very close between her racing for points and the 2-minute Jam Clock.  Unfortunately we will never know if she would have made it.  A knee injury to a Shevil blocker brought the Jam to a halt with the Shevils leading 188-175.  After some confusion and discussion among the officials it was confirmed the bout was over and a very hard fought win for the Shevils was earned.

Bout 2:  Crazy 8’s 208 – Maiden Milwaukee 200

The start of the Crazy 8’s and Maiden Milwaukee bout could not have been more different from the great back and forth action of the first bout.  From the opening whistle it appeared that it was going to be smooth sailing for the defending champs as the 8’s captured Lead Jammer on 9 of the first 11 Jams and opened up a very quick 45-19 lead.  Now in normal cases a 26 point deficit early in the first half is not a reason to panic, however on the next Jam the Maidens comeback prospects were made much harder as Maiden’s Jammer ChaZaam was nailed with back-to-back penalties.  The 8’s, sensing blood in the water, took full advantage and were able to extend their lead to 80-22.  Down 58 points, the Maidens refused to give up and showed that the ladies in pink were not going away easily.  Led by a great 22 point Jam by Maiden’s Captain Super Hera (I still wish they would let her Jam with the cape on) the Maidens were able to get momentum back on their side right before the half and cut the 8’s lead to 119-70 as the whistle blew.

mmc8The second half started a little better for the Maidens as they were able to get some Lead Jammers, however the blocking by the 8’s (led by Servin’ Justice and Latina Heat among many others) was just too tough for the Maidens to score monster points and close the gap.  As if the blocking wasn’t problem enough for the Maiden’s Jammers, every time the Maidens had a momentum changing Jam the 8’s dug deep into their ninja powers to come right back with a high scoring jam themselves.  After all these years has anyone investigated if having ninjas is legal?  With 10 minutes left the 8’s lead was still 185-159 and victory was looking secure.  However, in roller derby things are never that simple.

The 8’s looked to one of their top Jammers and ninja masters Zo-Tay (8 Lead Jams in 11 Opportunities *unofficially*) (like it matters if its official or not, you get the idea)  to try and put the bout out of reach and she came very close to doing it.  With about 5 minutes left she achieved Lead Jammer again and extended the 8’s lead to 204-171, but those points came at a very heavy price.  The 8’s had 3 penalties called on their blockers in that Jam, leaving the door still slightly open for the Maidens.  A Jammer penalty by Sharkira on the next Jam and 10 points by Betty Clobber lowered the deficit to 25 with time for two more Jams.  Frank Hurt’r took advantage of Sharkira still in the box at the start of the Jam to score 7 more and the Maidens found themselves down 18 with one Jam remaining.  As EmFatale and Stormin’ DaCastle lined up on the Jammer Line, the crowd was sensing something special was about to happen.  And they were right!!!

A Jammer Penalty on EmFatale meant Stormin’ had a free track to try and make up the points and steal the win.  After scoring 12 points and getting the score to 204-200 it looked like one of the largest comebacks in BCB history was about happen.  But never count out those sneaky ninjas!!!  A great block by Betty Boobs forced a track cut penalty on Stormin’ and the comeback was over.  A few additional points were scored after the Jammers served their penalties, but at the end of the day the 8’s were able to hang on and secure a 208-200 win.

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