Fresh Brew Profile: Jackie Sparrow!


In this edition of our Bruiser Blog, we’d like to present Jackie Sparrow, a fresh brew and former ref with the Brewcity Bruisers!

Name: Jackie Sparrow
Number: 15
Team: ??? (Fresh Brew/Former Ref)
Years involved with the Brewcity Bruisers: One year

Reason for becoming involved with roller derby? I went to a bout in the 2010 season and was completely hooked. I wanted to skate on a team, but fractured my ankle right before tryouts. I joined the ref crew when I healed up since I couldn’t imagine life without derby once I discovered it. I tried out this summer and now I’m a Fresh Brew!

How did you come up with your derby name? If there is only one thing you remember about me, it should be this: I LOVE PIRATES. I had to have a pirate-themed name, and that’s all there is to it.

Favorite songs/artists to listen to on bout day? Twisted Sister, We’re Not Gonna Take It

Best/worst things about being a rollergirl/ref/beerleader? Best: Everyone in derby is awesome! Worst: Stinky wrist guards that make my hands smell like feet.

Pertinent/previous athletic experience? I played soccer in high school, but I sucked. I did like knocking girls over, though.

Dream job? Captain of a pirate ship!

Any hobbies aside from derby? Can I say more derby is my hobby aside from derby?

Favorite derby moment? As a ref: Watching Hot Carl get his buns grabbed and then get taken down by Spazzle Dazzle! As a fresh brew: the first time I got hit really hard and wasn’t paying attention… best learning moment ever!

Your roller derby spirit animal is…? A rabid zebra with an eye patch and a peg leg?

Refs only: Favorite call to make and why? Illegal procedure! It’s like I’m doing a fancy dance move!

Rollergirls: Favorite position to play and why? Whatever it turns out I’m good at
(hopefully SOMETHING)

How has roller derby changed your life? My feet have nasty blisters all the time and I am covered in bruises shaped like Texas, Mississippi, and Michigan. However, I can’t live without derby (and the people in derby) now that I have it. Derby is the only thing I look forward to, and I plan my life around it. Derby is what keeps me going!

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