Announcing About Announcers: Exciting News For BCB’s 2012 Home Season!


Beelzebelle here. Announcing about announcers is way meta, but I’m going to go ahead and do so anyway…

Six seasons. Six seasons it’s been that our league has grown, changed, and evolved. We’ve seen tons of great skaters, refs, volunteers, Beerleaders, and announcers come and go throughout the years. They’ve helped us with that growth and that evolution, and they’ve helped us to become who we are today. Change is natural, and change is part of life. You know what else? Change can be exciting.

With that somewhat philosophically charged segue, the Brewcity Bruisers are proud to announce an exciting change for the 2011-2012 season. Ladies and gentlemen… we’d like to announce to you the newest dynamic duo to school Milwaukee derby-goers with maximum knowledge and serious wit — Bob Noxious and Dr. Awkward!

Having been the Mad Rollin’ Dolls’ announcer extraordinaire since 2004, Bob knows a thing or two about roller derby. For four seasons, Noxious was with the league at every away game and every tournament. His enthusiasm for the sport itself shines through in ever bout he plays wordsmith to. Bob Noxious knows roller derby.

This is Bob:

(This is a thing Bob wrote about announcing for BCB:)

“When I learned of this opportunity, I raised my hand yelling, “Pick me! Pick me!” I love BCB. I know more of BCB than likely any other league. I love your girls, the enthusiasm of your crowd, your ref staff, your sound system, enjoy Doc Awk, and have always been treated so well. BCB is the ONLY league, I would consider announcing for full-time. I grew up in the Milwaukee area, know the crowd, and love the city.” 

Pair Bob’s experience with the already established radness that our very own Dr. Awkward brings to the table, and what do you get? (Hint: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out!)

Quick fun fact and side note: Dr. Awkward, in addition to being smart and savvy in the announcers’ booth, also has fantastic taste in neckwear. He wears great ties. Seriously.

This is Dr. Awkward:

As a league, we’re overjoyed about the introduction of Noxious and Awkward; but we’d also like to thank and recognize the amount of time and effort that our very own Gloria Hole has put into announcing for the Brewcity Bruisers over the years. This former ref and former Maiden turned maven of the mic has entertained countless derby-goers in her tenure… both with the BCB as well as with other leagues. We wish her luck, and will miss her verbal stylings immensely. Best of luck, Glo!

So, in summation: derby enthusiasts and BCB fans everywhere should be marking their calendars now. Seriously… right now. Stop what you’re doing and put our season schedule into your Google Calendar in your fancy-pants smartphone or on some paper or whatever. With Dr. Awkward and Bob Noxious at the helm of the 2011-2012 season, you’re not only in for some serious all-female, flat-track roller derby action… you’re also in for witty wordsmiths that’ll rock the mic right, Milwaukee.


Sunday, January 15 — season opener, matinee bout!

Saturday, February 11

Saturday, March 10

Saturday, April 14

Saturday, May 5

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