Player Profile: Becky the Butcher!


In this edition of our Bruiser Blog, we’d like to present Becky the Butcher, a skater with the Brewcity Bruisers! She’s one of the captains of BCB’s All-Stars, who play the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls on Aug. 13 at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex in Franklin. Doors open at 5 p.m. First bout is at 6 p.m.

Name: Becky the Butcher
Number: 99
Team: Brewcity Bruiser Allstars/Shevil Knevils
Years involved with the Brewcity Bruisers: Since the “get-go”

Reason for becoming involved with roller derby? I was approached and decided I wanted to be more exciting so I joined.

How did you come up with your derby name? If I were a 1980’s era female pro wrestler (think G.L.O.W.) I would have been called Becky the Butcher. I would have also been covered in blood, wearing a skin mask, and carrying a chainsaw. Pretty cool, right?

Favorite songs/artists to listen to on bout day? Just the sounds of a busy restaurant. (I usually work bout day!) My playlist is much more mellow than I’d like to admit. If pressed, I’d say Harry Belefonte, “Jump in the Line” or “Breakin the Law” by Judas Priest

Best/worst things about being a rollergirl/ref/beerleader? Who even knows anymore! This is my life and just what I do. I could never imagine things without it. The BCB and the rollerderby community in general are so encompassing. I’d say the best part is the sense of accomplishment and knowing what kind of amazing people I would have never met without it. The worst? I wish I could do more. I really am a nut. The ups and downs, wins and losses- I just want to be able to share this thing that makes me so happy. Sometimes “real life” gets in the way. Derby is life!

Pertinent/previous athletic experience? Nada

Dream job? Running a 5 star rated snack bar at the local BCB owned roller rink. Duck nachos? You bet.

Any hobbies aside from derby? Your grandma’s trash just may be my treasure. I love to thrift. It’s the thrill of the hunt.

Favorite derby moment? 2005-present

Your roller derby spirit animal is…? Servin’ Justice.

Favorite position to play and why?
I like to work the main offense in the pack, generally from the front. It’s not very glorious, but I assure you, it can be game changing.

How has roller derby changed your life? I wish I could explain in few enough words that people would read; here is a start. I have met the best people. I do exciting things. I travel. I challenge myself. I challenge others. I am in a video game. I sweat. Team dynamic MEANS something to me. I have a firm butt. I’ve played in front of 5,000 people. We are bigger every year. I teach on the track and off. I’m always learning, on the track and off.

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