And just like that, the Brewcity Bruisers 5th season is over…


It is already the end of the home season for the Brewcity Bruisers. The 5th year of roller derby was celebrated in Milwaukee. What an incredibly great year this was. The league outgrew its original location at the Milwaukee County Complex in Franklin, and graduated to the US Cellular Arena in downtown Milwaukee.  Attendance was amazing. The Crazy 8’s came from a no win 2010 season last year, and took home the renamed Black and Brew Cup for 2011 as the Brewcity Bruisers Champions. The Rushin’ Rollettes tried to get their three-peat, but it didn’t happen. The Shevil Knevils beat the Crazy 8’s, but lost to the Rushin’ Rollettes in the last jam…twice (argh)! Maiden Milwaukee was working class, and kicking ass. Unfortunately, the pretty ladies in pink ended the year with a 0-5 record.
This was the first season as a Brewcity Bruiser for 28 of us rookies. Having just finished our freshman year as rookies, and now graduating to our sophomore year of roller derby is a stepping-stone. There has been so much growth both physically and mentally, potential was tapped into, niches were made, momentum was developed, and lots of sisterhood happened. Words cannot begin to express how much respect I personally have for the league, and I am definitely not alone. Each and every skater, ref and Beerleader in the league has touched one or all of our lives in some way. Whether it was with encouraging words, a helping hand, advice, a spank on the hiney, or a huge hug to say one is valued, it was always there.
Now what? The Brewcity Bruisers All Stars and Battlestars interleague season is in full throttle. It is also time for the new generation of Brewcity Bruisers to emerge. Words of advice to the Fresh Brews…practice hard, study the rules of the game, and listen with both ears open. Tryouts to make the summer training cut are right around the corner, and all of you need to be prepared for a very intense, physically and mentally draining summer. Training is all that you make of it. If you push yourself to limits you never thought you’d reach, it will be the best summer ever. If you do not push yourself, and expect things to just happen because you are there, it will be the biggest disappointment. Respect the skaters and refs that are there with you multiple times a week training and developing you. Respect the other Fresh Brews that are also trying to accomplish the same goal. Without each other, you will not grow. It takes a team to play roller derby. Be a part of that team. Go in with a positive attitude. Stay focused.  But mostly, love roller derby!
Good luck ladies, and we will be seeing all of you on the track this summer for interleague bouts!

Beers, bruises and bloggin’,

ZeZe Rider

#511 Shevil Knevils

Brewcity Bruiser


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