Player Profile: Milwaukee’s Breast!


Name: Milwaukee’s Breast

Number: 34 A

Team: Shevil Knevils

Years involved with the Brewcity Bruisers: going on 6

Reason for becoming involved with roller derby?

My friend Jesse Jameson made me. She actually bribed me with beverages if I went to the first meeting and practice with her. I’ve been stuck with it since.  

How did you come up with your derby name?

Jesse Jameson gave it to me. Thankfully I have developed into my name.

Favorite songs/artists to listen to on bout day?

Peaches, Outkast, Ludacris, Missy Elliot

Best/worst things about being a rollergirl?

Best: The brutal beating to a friend or foe and feeling great after a good practice or bout.

Worst: Seeing pictures from a bout and watching videos of myself playing.

Pertinent/previous athletic experience?

I was too shy and awkward to stick with any sports… unless kickball counts!

Dream job?

For a long time it was to be a VJ for MTV. Then I realize how much I despise being on camera and saw what their criteria was in the 2000s. So I’ll go with video producer of some sort…. (I’m still trying to figure this one out) 

Any hobbies aside from derby?

Djing, working on films, robots 

Favorite derby moment?

There are so many favorites from Terror Lipinski tripping during her introduction, to Spazzle Dazzle grabbing Hot Carl’s buns during the 1st bout of this season, to dancing with my friends at the after party, to winning best blocker along with the Other White Meat (my sister) at a bout against Madison. But… I’ll go with the Shevil Knevils first win after a season and half of losing every bout.

Your roller derby spirit animal is…?

This online test I just took gave me the score of 22 for the Fox. I agree. I am a total fox.

Your favorite position to play?

Rear blocker

How has roller derby changed your life?

I used to spend my Sundays laying on the couch watching National Geographic; but now I spend them skating, attending meetings and being in pain. I have also met about 100 plus awesome people who I love.

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