Ref Profile: Hot Carl


In this edition of our Bruiser Blog, we’d like to present Hot Carl, a Referee with the Brewcity Bruisers!

Name:  Hot Carl

Team: Referees

Years involved with the Brewcity Bruisers: 2

Reason for becoming involved with roller derby?   I guess I should start at the beginning by explaining how I was introduced to derby.  A co-worker had gone to see a game and informed me what an amazing time he had, and how we should go to see the next game.  After watching a couple of games my co-worker joined as a ref (Sloppy Joe).  It was only a matter of time before I was hanging out with the league members and the question came up “When are you going to become a ref?”  A couple of weeks later I was training to become a ref.

How did you come up with your derby name?

Oh this is always a good one!  In my life I have had one of three nicknames: Hot Carl, Crazy Carl, or Captain Carl.  It wasn’t till college that I found out that Hot Carl had become something else on the Interwebs.  After joining derby I knew Hot Carl was the name.  It is always great when an announcer calls it out at a game. The majority of people cheer and think nothing of it, but there is that small percentage that know what it means and boy it is classic!

Favorite songs/artists to listen to on bout day?

I mostly listen to Pandora now.

Best/worst things about being a ref?

–  Worst thing about being a ref would be the times you get yelled at.  I understand that emotions run high, but no one likes to get yelled at.

  Best thing about being a ref is being able to be part of the league!  Best part of being in the league is knowing that your involvement impacts how the league functions, and there is nothing more rewarding. 

Pertinent/previous athletic experience?

HA! Are you kidding with this beautiful face?

Dream job?

I would have to say working with Steve Jobs on the next innovative Apple product. I am a huge Apple Fan Boy.

Any hobbies aside from derby?

I enjoy technology.  I find myself reading articles about the newest product offerings and the newest tech that will keep me plugged in.

Favorite derby moment?

I would say the time I leaped over a derby girl during a game at last year’s Midwest Brewhaha.  I was an outside pack ref for that game and one of the derby girls was hit out of bounds right in front of me.  I had only two options, one being that I would have to fall and the other being that I would have to try and jump her.  I went for option two and didn’t just clear her, but stuck the landing!

Your roller derby spirit animal is…?

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo!   If you still have not looked up what Hot Carl is on the internet this would be a good time.

Favorite call to make and why?

I do not discriminate; all penalties are equal to me.  That is not the answer you were looking for, but hey I am a ref.

How has roller derby changed your life?

Derby has changed my life by becoming my life, in a good way that is.  Derby has not just changed how I spend my off time, but helped change me as an individual too. 

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