Ref Profile: Citizen Defiance


In this edition of our Bruiser Blog, we’d like to present Citizen Defiance, a Referee with the Brewcity Bruisers!

Name:  Citizen Defiance   Team: Referees   Years involved with the Brewcity Bruisers: First year – Rookie Referee (aka, Pony Keg)
Reason for becoming involved with roller derby? To get closer to Hot Carl – isn’t that why everyone joins?
How did you come up with your derby name?  It’s one I have to explain a lot.  I work in a relatively new field called Citizen Science, which connects academic research with community volunteers. 
Favorite songs/artists to listen to on bout day? Penalty Box – by Bobot Adrenaline
Best/worst things about being a ref? Best: The adrenaline that goes with making a call on someone who could easily beat the crap out of me. Worst: Making the wrong call – Good thing that hasn’t happened yet.
Pertinent/previous athletic experience? Love to play Ultimate Frisbee
Dream job? I’m currently employed in my dream job.  Wouldn’t mind being a house-husband.
Any hobbies aside from derby? My ref mentors got me hooked on Plants vs. Zombies.
Favorite derby moment?Any time I’m on skates with a whistle in my mouth.
Your roller derby spirit animal is…? Some kind of turtle… with fangs
Favorite call to make and why? Insubordination – I practice making the call on my wife all the time at home.
How has roller derby changed your life?  This community is super warm and accepting and the positive energy is overwhelming.  I’m really enjoying the ride.

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