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I don’t profess to really be into video games all that much.  On a personal level, they’re not really my schtick.  In fact, I’d probably rather clean the bathroom than spend my time playing video games.  But I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if this isn’t quite possibly the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Enter: Jam City Rollergirls!
Link: http://wiiware.nintendolife.com/games/wiiware/jam_city_rollergirls
(So what is Jam City Rollergirls, you ask?)

Green Bay, Wis.-based Frozen Codebase along with the WFTDA (the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) have come together in partnership to create “Jam City Rollergirls,” the first (and only) roller-derby based video game.  Jam City’s creation exemplifies the fact that our sport is truly taking the country (if not the world) by storm.  So first there was Madden…and now there’s Jam City!

And it’s all true, truly.  Roller derby….re-invented, rehashed, and re-established in Texas circa 2005, is here to stay.  The game itself is athletic, hard-hitting strategery at its finest, and its leagues are evermore becoming staples in their respective communities.  Roller derby is dynamic; it’s exciting, entertaining, edgy, and seriously awesome.  So why wouldn’t there be a video game about roller derby?  


Roller derby is just plain fantastic, and having a video game that pays homage to our sport is a stellar development for the sport itself!  But wait.  There’s more…it gets better.  There also happens to be the fact that our league is prominently featured in the game!  Ever want to sprint off the line like a superstar?  Choose Rejected Seoul’s character, and you’ll get the chance. Also featured are current BCB skaters Becky the Butcher, Grace Killy, Servin’ Justice and Hacksaw (formerly of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls), and former BCB skaters Sea Hag and Holly Diver.

I can absolutely speak to the fact that the Brewcity Bruisers are super excited to be featured in “Jam City,” and not just because some of our veteran players are featured as characters.  It’s also because of what the game means for the evolution of roller derby.  Rollergirls old and new, across the country and across the world (along with countless referees, announcers, and volunteers) have worked tirelessly to promote the sport we love since its rebirth.  “Jam City Rollergirls” proves that our efforts are not in vain, and that roller derby is, in fact, here to stay.

Jam City Rollergirls is available for 1000 Wii Points or $10 as a Wiiware download now!

Former BCBers Holly Diver and the Sea Hag

Former Mad Rollin’ Doll, Hacksaw is currently a Bruiser

Rejected Seoul, Becky the Butcher, Grace Killy, Servin’ Justice

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