February Throwdown: Ninjas v. Communists!


February Throwdown: Rushin’ Rollettes take on the Crazy 8s!

January bout victors the Crazy 8s and Rushin’ Rollettes will be facing off at the US Cellular Arena for the first time this season on February 20, 2011.  With some “personnel changes” happening in the offseason, we here behind the Bruiser Blog can’t help but wonder what the teams (and players) in question have to say about certain… um, sensitive…topics.

Fidela Castrate and Blue Siren up the ante in what we here at the Bruiser Blog would like to call “Quit Stalin and Get Talkin’: Ninjas versus Communists.”

First up!

Fidela Castrate, formerly of the Rushin’ Rollettes, she’s now a Crazy 8. Her move to the 8s was most certainly impactful on the Rollette line-up, and much has been made of the move that she (as well as former Rollette and now Crazy 8 Pound Anya) have made this season.  It’s the first time in league history that TWO players have made the switch from one team to another, and it’s worth noting that those two players have been Rollettes since each of their respective starts with the Bruisers.

But, much like that awful song by Bonnie Raitt, we here at Bruiser Blog are wondering if there’s maybe just a little “let’s give ‘em something to talk about” kind of thing going on here. Stokin’ the competitive fires? Color us the instigators.

Q:        Fidela, why exactly did you decide to make the move from the Rushin’ Rollettes to the Crazy 8s this season? I’m sure BCB fans are dying to know… 

A:         I simply wanted a change in scenery so I went in the draft. I had no idea      that the 8s were going to pick me. It was just the luck of the draw. By the way, there were definitely no private negotiations involved.

Q:         Fidela, you play for both the Crazy 8s during the home season, as well as All-Star Traveling Team during the interleague season. How has playing for a different home team changed your outlook on the BCB home season? The travel season?  


A:        Another change I did this season was not to try out for the All Stars.  I’ve been on the All Stars for 4 travel seasons and thought this is the year for change so I decided to play for the Battlestars.   To put this into perspective I was on a team that only lost 5 games in the past 4 seasons.   I am now with a team that has not done well recently and the fire that they have has rejuvenated my derby spirit. We are going to show the league that it’s not all about jammers.  We only have 1 All Star jammer (Zotay) but yet we scored 90+ points in the last game. What does that tell you?  Also, because of the Crazy 8s physicality in game play our fans are in for a treat this season.


Q:        Is it ever hard for you to go up against some of your former teammates? Fuzzy/emotional question, but… how does it make you feel?


A:         In all honesty this team is not the same team that I came up with.  It has gone through a lot of change. As a matter of fact I’m teammates with several of their rookies on the Battlestars and think they are awesome women. I just hope for the Rollettes’ sake that their All Star jammers put their big girl panties on and try to score more than 54 points in this next game…I mean c’mon….  


Q:        Do you ever catch yourself still feeling like a Rollette?


A:        Yeah, when I go to lunch with BCB retirees such as Reina Pain, Jackie       O’Nihilate, Poptart, Holly DeClaw, Roadie Foster and Jesse Jameson. We still have old school Rollette lunch/dinner dates. I’m still trying to get a date with the infamous Ivanna Smackdavitch and Liv Wrong!

Rhoda Ruin, All-Star jammer extraordinaire, has been a Rollette since she first laced up her skates. A captain of the Rollettes this year, she’s been actively involved in the league for quite some time. We’re just certain that Rhoda has some opinions of her own on this topic and the rivalry that’s heating up behind it.

Q:        Rhoda, Fidela (and Pound) were most certainly assets to the team in terms of blocking experience. How have the Rollettes adjusted to their move to the 8s?  


A:         I think our performance on the track in the first bout pretty much sums up how we have adjusted. We drafted some amazing skaters this year and with those skaters we found some Fidela and Pound “upgrades” — they moved to the 8s so we replaced them with the new and improved models. But more importantly, we’ve added a full roster of skaters with mad skills that are totally different from what they brought to the team, and different from what we’ve ever had before. Instead of relying on a handful of All-Stars, this year’s Rollettes are ALL forces to contend with, and they are only going to get better. And no one saw it coming, which makes it just so much more fun.


Q:         Of course we all have beers after the bout’s through, but let’s be honest here.  Sometimes that competitive twinge lingers on. Do you think this personnel change will affect the tone of the game? What about after?


A:        Of course the competitive edge lingers—and it’s going to be tough for these two who are used to playing against the 8’s. We had them so hard wired to nullify ninjas that we’re now afraid they might do something silly during the bout. They might turn against their own team. You know what they say — “Red until dead.” But they’ve got to face facts, we don’t need any more of our agents working on other teams — it just gets messy.


Q:        You Rushin’ Rollettes have some strong first-year players on your roster. Are we here at the Bruiser Blog making too much of this whole thing? After all, other teams have dealt with players making the switch, as well as crazy turnover rates…


A:        Well, you know the media is just the mouthpiece for the commie regime, so we’re pretty happy with how this is playing out. It’s all just part of our plan to divert the attention of the ignorant masses away from what’s really going down. You know…Rollette world domination. But, that’s off the record, of course.


Q:        Do you ever still catch yourself seeing Pound and Fidela as Rollettes?


A:        Fidela really fits in well with the 8’s. They are into booty shaking, and Fidela’s into booty shaking. They wear cleavage dresses, and dang, that girl can rock that cleavage too. So really, I think she’s found a good home. Pound on the other hand…well, she just doesn’t look right in any dress, so I guess one team is as good as any other for that one.

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